The Equi-Release Pro is a powerful therapeutic tool designed to provide horse owners and horse practitioners with a cost effective and non-invasive means of relieving muscular and nervous tension in horses.

The Equi-Release Pro is designed to create a deep penetrating pulse to the nerves in an action designed to release nerve/muscle contraction and thereby cause a softening and relaxation of the muscles in the surrounding area.

The Equi-Release Pro is proven effective in the treatment of general soreness resulting from locked nerve/muscle interaction commonly associated with training or competition injury.

The Equi-Release Pro has a patent pending or patent applied for.

Demonstrable Impact

The Equi Release Pro has shown positive outcomes to a range of equine problems including:

demonstrate equi release pro tool

Sore and Cold backs

Soreness where saddle sits


Dipping when mounting

Bending and Flexing

Assorted bending and flexing problems

Short striding

Tightness in hamstrings

Head Shyness

when handling or introducing the bridle

Girth soreness

negative reaction when tightening the girth

Gaiting issues

such as improper leads or switching leads

Equi Release Pro Easing pain and freeing up the horse

to regain natural movement will assist with many nagging actions and behaviours.

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See the Benefit in your horses health and wellbeing, the action of the Equi Release Pro provides ongoing benefits to your horse. Using the Equi Release Pro to release pinched nerves and contracted muscles can provide the following benefits:


Increase the range of motion and flexibility of the horse


Release and prevent muscle spasm


Reduce risk of muscle tears around injured or tight areas


Relieve related aches and pain        


Improve muscle tone, stamina and dramatically improve the horse’s wellbeing

Video Gallery

The following videos demonstate the use of the Equi Release Pro

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Equi Release Pro

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Equi Release Pro

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Equi Release Pro

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Equi Release Pro


About Us

The Equi-Release Pro is the result of Aaron Crimmins commitment to horse welfare and the outcome of years of study and experience. Aaron has spent most of his formative and adult life in the pursuit of better ways to care for and treat competition horses. His early years were focused on the Standardbreds with his father in Bendigo, Central Victoria but this quickly expanded to work on thoroughbreds, polo horses sport horses of all kinds as his special skills and rapport with horses became known.

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Aaron completed his natural interest with formal qualifications and training in fields such as:

  • Equine Sport Massage Therapy
  • Whole Body Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Level 1&11 Equine and Human Bowen Therapy

Aaron continues his search for excellence in his field today under tuition and mentoring from Pat Allan, the known affectionately as "the Guru from the Bush!" and advanced tuition from former UK Olympic Equine Physiotherapist Amanda Sutton. Aaron has worked on many high-profile horses over his career including the Champion Pacer "Blacks a Fake" a winner of 72 races in a stellar career.
The "Equi Release Pro" is the result of Aarons commitment to horse welfare and the outcome of years of study and experience.

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